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Have you ever heard about the latest news of unveiling the new drink launched by the Fendi Replica Handbags? These Italian fashion designers get involved with the latest Bacardi’s vermouth brand Martini who will launch their first co-branded drink ever this year!

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The said designed drink will be unleashed in their upcoming men’s fashion week at Milan.

They once said, “As a result of a joint commitment, this new co-branding project strengthens a partnership started more than 10 years ago.” The name of the drink is yet to unveil soon by using some of their celebrity powers to introduce the said fame drink!

Some of the stars involved were Madonna, Scarlett Johansson or Matthew Mcconaughey and we are expecting them to see drinking the new Fendi Replica Handbags in their next campaign. They are the new faces of various Fendi Replica Handbags product lines so it would be much to the brand to utilize their www.tophermes.com.